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Sakura Finetek donates high capacity histology instruments to Butaro District Hospital, Rwanda

Finetek Introduces Tissue-Tek Genie®, the First and Only Advanced Staining System with Fully Automated, True Random Access. 

Sakura Finetek USA Launches the First and Only Tissue Processor Offering Automatic, Onboard Preparation of Mixed Reagent Solutions for Advanced Infiltration of Fatty Tissues: Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI.

Sakura Finetek Launches the First and Only Cryostat with 3D Precision Chuck and Remote Diagnostics: Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Flex Cryostat

Join us for a free webinar:  Specimen Orientation and Microtomy: Two important steps on the journey to a perfect slide January 19, 2017

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